See where you are with GDPR

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Check your strategic readiness against the GDPR and UK e-Privacy regs (UK PECR) using Keepabl’s BenchMark. Or use the UK ICO’s official Accountability Framework available in Keepabl’s SaaS solution. We instantly score your answers and create your official ICO Dashboard.

Establish your baseline score and return when you’ve made progress – Keepabl shows you where to focus next.  Do you know where you are on GDPR?

Gamification helps the medicine go down

The Board will love the colour-coded, visual scores PDF as part of your regular report. And your Privacy Team will love the breakdown scores showing where you need to focus next, as well as the detailed deep dive.

Feel the joy as you plug those gaps, update your answers, and see your scores instantly update.

Responsive and Integrated

Keepabl’s BenchMark adapts based on your answers. Don’t process children’s personal data?  You won’t see further questions on children. Upload proof against the ICO Accountability Framework.

Hang Tasks on either. Give least privilege, role-based access and see audit logs of changes.

Share Your Status

It’s great to see your scores going up as you remediate gaps and implement improvements, so shout about it!

Whether it’s giving directors or auditors view-only access, or sending an Excel or PDF to customers, partners or regulators, Keepabl makes it super simple to share the results of your good work and help your organisation win business in the Trust Economy.

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