See where you are with GDPR

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Check your strategic readiness against the GDPR and UK e-Privacy regs (UK PECR). As you complete the BenchMark, Keepabl instantly scores your answers. Establish your baseline score and return when you’ve made progress – Keepabl shows you where to focus next.  Do you know where you are on GDPR?

Gamification helps the medicine go down

Use your overall score for the Board and (really popular with the Privacy Team) check your scores in 16 sub-areas to see where you need to focus next.  Update your BenchMark as you plug gaps and see your scores instantly update.

Adapts to Your Situation

The BenchMark’s questions change based on your answers.  Don’t process children’s personal data?  You won’t see further questions on children.  Check the BenchMark Guide to understand each question and see the strategic and tactical proof you need to say yes.

Show Others Your Status

GDPR’s a broad and complex area – the BenchMark shines a light on where you need to focus.  Use your Scores to show your compliance status to your stakeholders, internal and external.  Seeing your score go up is a great feeling!

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