Test your GDPR Readiness with the BenchMark


Check your readiness against the GDPR and UK e-Privacy regs (UK PECR).  Keepabl instantly scores your BenchMark answers.  

Establish a first score early in your compliance project, then revisit the BenchMark to see where to focus next and see your score increase over time.  Use the overall score roundel to report to the Board.


Use the 17 scores for gap analysis and remediation.  Easily see where you need to focus your energy.

Gamification helps the medicine go down.  Enjoy seeing the individual scores go up and striking off the 17 areas.  And don’t worry, if an area doesn’t apply, it will show as N/A and not count toward your score.


Responsive to your answers. The BenchMark hides or shows questions based on your answers.  Don’t process children’s personal data?  Don’t answer the questions on children.

Use the BenchMark Guide as you go, with guidance on each question including what strategic and tactical proof you need to be able to say yes.


The BenchMark’s powerful gap analysis helps you prioritise remediation actions.  Work alone or with your trusted adviser.  Keepabl lets you add your lawyer, consultant, MSP or other advisers to your account for free. 

GDPR can be a complex area.  The BenchMark throws light on where you need to focus.  And seeing your score go up is a great feeling!